Q&A with ‘Queering Contemporary Asian American Art’ editors Laura Kina and Jan Christian Bernabe

This Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month we are excited to share special features with authors and editors of new and recent titles that celebrate Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

Today we speak with Queering Contemporary Asian American Art editors Laura Kina and Jan Christian Bernabe about their groundbreaking volume, published this spring, and corresponding website.

Queering Contemporary Asian American Art takes Asian American differences as its point of departure for bringing together artists and scholars pushing back against normative assumptions, expectations, critiques, and practices within Asian American art and visual culture. Taken together, these nine original artist interviews, cutting-edge visual artworks, and seven critical essays explore contemporary currents and experiences within Asian American art, including the multiple axes of race and identity; queer bodies and forms; kinship and affect; and digital identities and performances. The interdisciplinary and theoretically informed frameworks in the volume engage readers to understand global and historical processes through contemporary Asian American artistic production.

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Weekly Book List, May 12, 2017, from the “Chronicle of Higher Education

“Queering Contemporary Asian American Art edited by Laura Kina and Jan Christian Bernabe (University of Washington Press; 247 pages; $90 hardcover, $40 paperback). Topics include mixed-race Asian-American strategies in the art of Maya Mackrandilal and Zavé Gayatri Martohardjono, and recuperating “failed bodies” in Jeffrey Augustine Songco‘s Guilty Party and BOMH (Bag Over My Head) series.” [Link]

Image above:
Jeffrey Augustine Songco
Number 2
from the series Guilty Party
chalk pastel on paper
40″ x 28″